Comet Ison

December is always an awesome month (for obvious reasons). However the first 17 days are going to especially interesting if a tail does form from Comet Ison. If this does happen it will visible to most of the northern hemisphere, especially at night.

Truly a once in a life time occurrence if you consider the chances of detecting a comet that also has an orbit that takes it through the Sun's corona. However, it is not certain that we will have the outcome we all hope for and it may explode during its passage, meaning no tail across the sky. I for one though will be keeping an eye on the unfolding events.

If you are interested in this further, give the following article a read If you've got a spare hour to kill, I recommend watching this episode of Horizon Some of what we are trying to achieve in Space is incredible. It's just scary that we have barely even scratched the surface…

So it's been a while...

It was funny to look back over posts I wrote a few years ago, whilst also reflecting that a lot has changed for me in that time. My last post was on the 7th June 2011. Since then, University has turned into full time work and I'm slowly moving up in the world (so they say). People have come and gone along the way (some more significant than others), but life goes on.

I'm feeling like I want to give blogging another go, so who knows what will come of this. I've not got any set plan on what the content will be on. I'm not as big a gamer these days so it will most likely be general musings. However, hopefully you may find some of it interesting!

What's going on in my world: Currently listening to: A Perfect Circle – Three Sixty - an amazing band with such an incredible back catalog of material. Recently started following: @BBCAmos - everyone needs more science in their lives. Specifically what is going on above us. Space is awesome. Currently playing: Feed the Beast - t…

StarCraft II

I bought this the other day after spending much time (whilst I should have been revising) procrastinating and watching lots of StarCraft II live streaming (mostly by Total Biscuit TotalBiscuit YouTube Channel ). I bought it mainly to see how well I could do in the online laddering system (plus it looked fun and I do enjoy a good strategy game). Having never really played StarCraft, although I've always been aware of the hype surrounding the original and the build up for the sequels, I was glad to find it very refreshing and a nice change to the usual strategy games I have played, such as Age of Empires and Command & Conquer. However, like I find with most games I play, I can play really well one game and then absolutely suck the complete proverbial behind the next. For this reason, I have not played as much online as I thought I would have because of my irrational fear of either winning too many of my ranking matches and getting put in a way too difficult league, or embarrasin…

Glad that I bought an Xbox (who would have thought it!)

Before the Xbox 360 came out I had always been a Sony person. However, since purchasing a 360 a few years back this view has changed quite substantially. Sure, if I had the money I would probably have both consoles (why not) but the security issues the PlayStation Network has been having really have put me off wanting to give any sort of details away to Sony. As I blogged before and with the news that again Sony are having to investigate another security breach (see: BBC News - Sony investigating another hack ), I am glad that Xbox Live seems to be on the whole more secure. I also found today that Nintendo are also the victims of a hack attack by the aptly named group 'Lulz Security' (see: BBC News - Nintendo server attacked by hacking group Lulz Security ). It will be interesting to see if any/many reasonably serious crimes can be linked to data stolen from these security breach's (i.e. stolen credit details being used etc.), or whether these people carrying out these att…

Motivation failing...

This pretty much sums up my motivation towards my final 3 exams for my degree...

Hopes for Battlefield 3

So far, from what I have seen of this game, I am very impressed by how this game is shaping up. The 12 minute gameplay video released not that long a go (found at: ) is definitely one that caught my eye. So much so that I really hope I have the money to afford a new high-end PC by the time this game officially comes out (November 2011). Having played the original Battlefield games (1942 etc.) on computer and having very fond memories of them, I really feel this is a series of video game that is best suited to the computer, rather than the console.

The Call of Duty series has become very predictable and generic. I still think that the overall gameplay and multiplayer experience are good and Zombies is always there for an occasional laugh. However, the rush to get a game out every year with the COD series has meant, in my view, the quality suffering (hence with all the problems Black-Ops has had and the multiple of patches being released since …

-Update- Current Minecraft project so far

Updated a previous post the other day, however, when Blogger went down yesterday, for some reason that part disappeared off the face of the planet. In hindsight I very much doubt anyone would have seen it so making a whole new post seems more logical now! I tried to get a screenshot from the same sort of angle as the last one (if you scroll down on my home blog page you will see what I mean). I have added a ship to this project, as well as an indoor rollercoaster of some sorts. If anyone is interested I can try and post some more screenshots or even attempt a video guide for it. Just drop me a comment!