StarCraft II

I bought this the other day after spending much time (whilst I should have been revising) procrastinating and watching lots of StarCraft II live streaming (mostly by Total Biscuit TotalBiscuit YouTube Channel ). I bought it mainly to see how well I could do in the online laddering system (plus it looked fun and I do enjoy a good strategy game). Having never really played StarCraft, although I've always been aware of the hype surrounding the original and the build up for the sequels, I was glad to find it very refreshing and a nice change to the usual strategy games I have played, such as Age of Empires and Command & Conquer. However, like I find with most games I play, I can play really well one game and then absolutely suck the complete proverbial behind the next. For this reason, I have not played as much online as I thought I would have because of my irrational fear of either winning too many of my ranking matches and getting put in a way too difficult league, or embarrasing myself and losing all these ranking games and then my motivation towards playing the game evaporating (although being put in lower league can always do wonders for your confidence). Either way, I'm sure I will get round to it and will no doubt blog about it. This game is also stopping me play L.A. Noire which I'm not sure why because I have been wanting to play it since I saw the first release trailer last year (yes I have no idea what is going on with my motivation at the moment!).


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